Rock Ruin




Utopien 2001


Ostern 2002



Welcome to `Rock-Ruin`, an experiment that approaches the borders of Fine Arts.


It is rock and roll on the rocks and it rocks like rolling stones. Although not as precious as “diamonds are a girls best friend”, sang by Marilyn Monroe, but more like Puddingstone (Conglomerate), which perhaps may become my ruin, my ROCK-RUIN






The cross-over sculpture `Rock-Ruin` is located near the former exit of a medieval secret passage. The Earls of Oberstein, living in a castle at the top of the `Holy-rock`, built a town wall in a way that, if besieged, enabled their escape through it. This passage ended at the `Rock-Ruin` plateau, a strategic place, from which you can observe the valley of Oberstein.

The sculpture is also a close neighbour to the Church on the Rock. This church was build in front of a cave, an ancient place of worship, where Christian priests tried to force their faith on believers of a different religion. It was also the time of the crusades, when Christian European men went to the Middle East to Christianize Muslim men. In other words, they killed for their-our god.

The Church on the Rock is used only a couple of days in the year for church purpose. It is mainly a tourist attraction, the `Holywood` of Idar-Oberstein, and the sculpture `Rock-Ruin` is a historical reflection of this Church on the Rock.

`Rock-Ruin`was created by renovating a garden-house that the ancestors of the artist built before 1928. Already during the application of the picturesque ground-coating, the local goverments surveyor`s office stopped the completion of the painting and engaged the department for the preservation of ancient monuments.A stop order was issued on the grounds that the sculpture disturbed the over all impression of the nearby stone church.

Many Inhabitants of the town accepted the new appearance in a much more positive way, and they also were now able to use the church path that runs underneath, in a more secure way. They were also happy about the newly gay colored surroundings.

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