Ostern 2002


EASTER 2002 - 28 March 2002

Calling-up representatives of ALL different confessions to meet in Idar-Oberstein, Germany in order to do research on mutual fundaments of the different religions proved NAIVE. Absolutely nobody showed up. All that remained to do was to ask people passing-by the market place what they believed in.
40% were in a hurry or didn't want to be asked.
10% were not sure what type "God" they believed in.
1% believed in church.
5% in some form of love.
40% in materialistic valuables.
1% in off-time.
3% in only themselves


1 April 2002

"Rock-Ruin" becomes a modern fairy tale.

In order to protect my own interests and to treasure the hard work of my ancestors, I called for the help of a fairy.
This fairy's dance was imploring, starting at the castle "Bosselstein" down the valley through the forest of the castle.

The mission given to her from the association for the care and presevation of old, gnarled, and schamanistic trees was to (by her suggestive dance)

revive trees devastated by public authorities.
When arriving at the foot of the holy rock the fairy performed a dance of the roof of the sculpture "Rock-Ruin".

For this event the illumination "Ravens hunt for Sparrows", consisting of 360 light bulbs, had been installed.

This fortune dance marks changing the sculpture entitled "Rock-Ruin" to "LARCH".

LARCH will be the home of the association for the care and preservation of old, gnarled, and schamanistic trees, as well as a lumber trading company for historical wood.