July 2005
Seen in approx. 3000 feet height above sea level at Lauparen, a mountain in Norway.

I visited for the first time the top of Mt. Lauparen by the end of July 2005, situated at the west coast of Norway, near a town called Ålesund. I started my way up pretty late, at 2 pm, and I arrived to the top 4 hours later. I was the last visitor that day - 1434 meters high top.

All the valleys were covered with clouds and fog and only the mountain tops were visible. What a marvellous view! One hour after, the fog started moving faster up to the top and exactly at the same moment when I was beginning my way down. When I was approximately 400m under the top, I had the sun shining in my back and a fog wall on my left hand side arriving from a valley deep down under me.

Suddenly, I saw my own shadow in the fog with a rainbow around. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing and I wanted to photograph it. But before I had my camera ready to shoot this unique effect disappeared. There I was standing having no answers to that phenomenon and having a feeling of being living some supernatural experience. And there I took the decision of staying at this same place, although I was running the risk of getting trapped in the fog, waiting to have this vision of my Aura, with my camera ready to register it. And half an hour later, there it was… the inspiration again! Then I had the chance of making the above picture. See it for yourself…

the spectre of the Brocken and the Glory, das Brockengespenst und die Glorie


Brockengespenst Phenomena info

"Thank you to the nature" 2006