"Thank you to the nature"
On the way up
Lake Grytavannet
The way up to Mt.Lauparen
One year later, the 29th of July 2006, I was on my way up to Mt. Lauparen again to continue  my AURA project.  “ Thank you to the nature ” I titled the second part of the project. With hammer and chisel I planed to carve a drawing into the stone at the location I was so lucky to see my own shadow. So that other interested  people could rest there and wait to see the same phenomena as well.
Lake Grytavannet at the foot of Mt.Lauparen
Grytavannet, sunset
Lake Grytavannet at sunset
looking out of the boat house
Sleeping in the boat house which is covered with soil
Sleeping in the boat house, covered with soil Looking out of the boat house
sunrise behind Mt.Lauparen
Sunrise behind Mt.Lauparen
Trongbotnen valley with lake Grytavannet
The valley of Trongbotnen and lake Grytavannet
On the way up
wolfs lair,the location I saw the Spectre of the Brocken
Wolfs lair, the location I saw the Spectre of the Brocken
view from wolfs lair view from wolfs lair
View from wolfs lair
wolfs lair
Wolfs lair
wolfs lair with engraved stone
Wolfs lair with engraved stone
engraved stone
Engraved stone
engraving at wolfs lair
Engraving at wolfs lair