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is the name of a sculpture and an art project by

Margarida Abraão & Wolfsmoon at the beach of Labruge,

Porto, Portugal.

BARCA das ALMAS is a homage to the big spirit of the sea "mother nature" and the souls of those who found their eternity in the ocean.
In Oct.2006 Wolfsmoon started the long process to carve the 8m long and 1m thick tropical wooden giant into a sculpture.

The goal is to integrate the ancient history of the area into the project and trying to get inspired by the interaction of the locals.


The BARCA is surrounded and protected by a riff and a lot of the stones have natural engravings.There are all kinds of mystical faces and signs, like the bid cross sign in front of the log. At special days, this rock is used as a natural shrine with candles burning in the rifts.

Close to the beach of Labruge and the SOULBOAT is the little village of Castro St. Paio, were the archaeologist Dr. Paulo Pinto and his team are digging out remains of the Castro culture and where they found runic signs engraved in the stones.The Algiz, a rune, which also the Vikings used, is closest to the log. Maybe this northern tribes have been in this area 800-1000 years ago, while they there trying to conquer Galicia.

By very stormy weather and high waves a cargo ship had to throw 5 big logs of african wood over board to save the ship of going down. Four of the logs were floating to the nearby beaches were they were chopped up to firewood by the people. The Barca das Almas log remained untouched, because there is no road for transport near by. Only a major storm or hurrican with enormous waves is able to move the approx. 6 tonn heavy giant. So, maybe there will be the day that nature will take back Barca das Almas to the ocean to an unknown goal.
Sometimes the locals are placing objects on the log, leaving messages for inspiration .Like the little headless statue of Sao Francisco Xavier, the patron saint of the sailors. Also the waves are bringing interesting objects, which will be integrated into the sculpture.
The dog house was a protection for the tools and an attraction for all the visiting friends, untill one stormy night, a big wave demolished it with a heavy piece of wood .
Under Construction

Stranded goods material


" Star "
" Fand "
" Or " " Spi "
" Plo " " Www "


Untransportable sculptures with removable elements

" Dyno " " Dyno " with eye
" Dyno " eye " Dyno " without eye