HEKS Hoböl Elva Kunsteventyr Sti

Art & Traffic Security

The R120 is a little road, a shortcut between Oslo and Elvestad, at the road E18 in Norway which leads to Stockholm in Sweden.

On the way from lake Mjaer to Elvestad, this road is especially very narrow and having sharp curves. Bus transportation does nearly not exist and some people have to walk or bike to the closest shops or to the train station in Tomter.

Speed limit of 80 Km/H is not adequate at all for those dangerous curves and even if there was only one way traffic, people have a high challenge of getting pushed off the road by too fast driving car or an 18 wheeler truck. Somehow coming from a side way, having a hanger in  the back of the vehicle onto the road R120, is like playing Russian roulette. Only difference is, that you might be playing it with your life.

During last couple of years, several phone calls to Statens Vegvesen - Norwegian road authorities – weren’t strong enough to make them realize that they should reduce the speed limit. After a tragically accident, on the 17th of May 2005, Wolfsmoon decided to construct a sculpture near the road and in the area of the dangerous curves, to call driver’s attention to reduce their own speed by free will and by free conscience.


Hoböl Elva Kunsteventyr Sti

Hoböl River Art adventure path

This sculpture will also be the first one of a planned Art adventure path (HEKS), giving the walkers and cyclists a great art experience and leading them in a save environment from the lake Mjaer to Ringvoll, parallel with the road R120 and the Hoböl river.  

“Driving like wild animals, drugged by speed.”

The sculpture consists  a yellow big tree with the roots rising up to the sky. On the log is leaning an old black Classic car, a 1960 model Volvo PV, with a stuffed wild animal in the driver’s seat. 

Around the simulated accident scenario Wolfsmoon placed upside down some spirit bottles standing on sticks and also a half round mirror that is leaning against a tree.

The installation is placed approximately 4 meters beside the road, in a way that cars are able to see it from a long distance. A remark about the mirror angle is that there are no disturbing reflections at all, by day or night lights.


Interview 27.10.2004

Interview 13.6.2006

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