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A cross-over project by Wolf Schäfer Wolfsmoon, December 2005, Kirkeristen,Oslo,Norway

In the middle of the capital city of Norway, Oslo, beneath the cathedral of Oslo, there is a sign saying:
Buy more lov , www.redcross.no, account number 82000608331
The sign is approximately 1 metre x 3 metres.  It has been installed with the utmost of respect to the cultural heritage of the building by using the original hook nails and wooden struts.          Architect Grosch designed the Basaar Halls at Kirkeristen around the Oslo Cathedral, inspired by German castle-romanticism with its arched halls of unglazed bricks. The project was finished in 1849.

Dating back to the end of the 17th century, the cathedral is one of the biggest in Norway and is a major shopping area for handcrafts, art and jewellery. In an original crack in the pavement stands a wooden cross with shopping bags full of presents.         

A poignant message for us all at this time of the year.

Why do we spend so much on Christmas presents!  Is it so that we can feel we are more loved,  more loveable, or able to love more bravely?   Is it only conceivable to show our love with the spondulix?   With every year we make an orgy of material overloads.


This perversion of the Christmas ritual has nothing to do with what it is really all about - the life of Jesus Christ and his basic pillar of belief, Charity. There is no doubt that the world has taken on another religion, worshipped by many on a daily basis.   Not Catholicism or even Spiritualism, but consumerism has the devoted following.


'The bigger the bucks, the bigger the recognition of love'  The Mega Retailers employ psychologists to, so subtlety, tell us this.  Burdened by the weight of social pressures and having materialist obsessions means we are worshipping the money devil Mammon instead of celebrating our faith in Jesus and his message of Love. 



Upon conception of this project the cause proclaimed love as being the precedent. LOVE MORE, BUY LESS. The watchword being Love, pure and simple for complicated beings as we are. BUY MORE, LOVE LESS. This composition is a guiding maxim with a consequence. In following the humanitarian cause, the Red Cross details were affixed. The photos show the result.  BUY MORE LOVE. As fate decrees it so succinctly.

The donation to the Red Cross account number 82000608331 is to the earthquake victims in Pakistan and the tsunami victims one year ago.

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