The original plan was to contrast and combine two different realities: Norway, known for its charming nature and rich forestry, and Portugal, suffering disastrous fire damage that devastated the landscape. The project would plant trees to raise life from death, and bring strength and motivation to people. A writer and psychologist, Mara de Frei, would contribute poems of nature, love and hope to help inspire the citizens.


To start A 2 A, many contacts were made with the scientific and legal communities, Norway’s’ Suldal Commune, and Monchique authorities. The deal was to have the Norwegian commune sponsor the trees for Monchique.

Wolfsmoon then travelled to Monchique to start the project, bringing 10 kg of fresh Norwegian oak seeds. And then Junta de Freguesia and Câmara Municipal de Monchique got him in contact with the local schools.

In talking with the locals, the artist realized that besides education, a mental change had to happen. Many of the fires happened for political and financial reasons. So, Wolfsmoon realized he had to adapt the project. Over 500 of 8-12 year-old children helped plant the oak nuts over several days. Working with the artist, teachers helped teach the true meaning of the project.

Despite these changes, A 2 A achieved more than all expectations. Working with the children, making them feel responsible for each action, transformed their experience into something that lives and grows inside them.

Burned down woods and houses in the Monchique area
Black cork oaks, burned future
Portugal`s richdom, harvested every seventh year